Individual – TalentTester Personal Mirror

Our vision:

From choice of studies and first job application to possible career switch or self-insight as a manager …

  • Get to know yourself by taking a REAL look in the mirror.
  • Then make the right choice that matches your personality.
  • Do what you like doing.
  • Increase your happiness.
  • Lower the chance of boreout or burnout.

Our mission:

  • We help you to achieve self-insight so that you know what your strongest points are.

Our strategy:

  • For a competitive fee, we offer you a number of tests to discover your talents and motives in a simple manner.

TalentTester is your personal mirror

TalentTester enables you to create a barometer suited to your personality:

  • You map out your motives and talents.
  • You take the right decisions suited to your blueprint.
  • Your choices are based on what you want to pursue with passion.

Why others have chosen TalentTester:

“A fairly simple and intuitively filled set of choices about behaviors that result in a fascinating and instructive report.”

Online questionnaire

  • The online test provides you with a clear behavioural analysis.
  • You add it to your CV and use what you learn from it for a possible career switch.
  • The test takes 15 minutes and is anonymous. It costs only €50.

Enough to get going with passion? Good luck!

Face2Face Insight in yourself

Face to face we discuss with you the results of your behaviour test.  This can be combined with other methods to get more insight in yourself.

You get a detailed image of yourself as a person:

  • Personal motives
  • Energy givers and energy sappers
  • Necessary environmental factors
  • Way of thinking and acting
  • Communication style
  • Role in a team
  • And so much more

Set to work on yourself today. Make the right choices thanks to sufficient self-insight.


TalentTester works together with coaches.

  • Together with your coach, tackle the work points from your personality analysis.
  • Increase your self-awareness.
  • Feel the new drive and the passion flow.

One of our coaches is:

Serge Dal Bosco

As DiSC/PACS trainer/coach, Serge teaches you to use your strong points and to turn your weak points into positivism, both privately and professionally.

What others say

Never assume always ask.
Be hard on facts but soft on people.
Nice quotes and lots of tip and tricks to become a good People manager.
People Management Course worth to be followed.

Feltgen Pierre

De test was duidelijk doch moeilijk om bij sommige antwoorden minst aan te duiden daar ik mezelf daar bij sommige vragen
niet in herkende.

Cindy Van Ham
Cindy Van Ham

Intussen tijdens mijn ganse loopbaan reeds diverse testen doorlopen , maar deze was evenzeer inspirerend voor me. Er zijn uiteraard nog andere gelijkaardige testen, maar deze sprong er voor me uit inzake eenvoud, een beperkt aantal vragen en het tijdsbestek binnen dewelke hij kan afgelegd worden. Het resultaat gaf een vertrouwd en herkenbaar beeld met een(...)

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