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Our vision:

For professional coaches…

  • Characterizing individuals properly so that they make matching choices is a challenge.
  • “A happy team builds a happy product”.

This is a sound basis for personal happiness and collective growth.

Our mission:

  • We help coaches to motivate individuals who want to get the best out of themselves and to accompany organizations that facilitate talent.

Our strategy:

  • We offer you a platform for instant assessment and efficient team organization so that you can handle your missions as a coach efficiently.

InstantAssessment – Your one-stop-portal

Via the online portal InstantAssessment you can take quality behavioural tests, based on Carl Jung’s principles.

But with the portal you can even do a lot more:

  • You coach people towards a job that suits them.
  • You put the right staff member in the right function.
  • You put together the ideal teams for your client.
  • You find act-alikes on the basis of an existing profile.

Why professional coaches have chosen InstantAssessment:

“Een vrij eenvoudig en intuïtief in te vullen set van keuzemogelijkheden over gedragingen die resulteren in een boeiend en leerrijk rapport.”

Facilitating talent

Via InstantAssessment we offer quality behavioural tests under the name PACS Discovery®:

  • PACS Individual behaviour: actual behaviour of staff members or candidates
  • You discover what gives them energy.
  • You observe what they like doing and what they are good at.
  • You coach them to the right function.
  • PACS Desired behaviour: desired behaviour for a certain vacancy or position
  • You see what candidates or staff members match a vacancy.
  • You invite the best for a personal conversation.
  • You know who best to put where.

Team organizing

A team is more than the sum of staff members.

How do you do that?

Via InstantAssessment you map out teams in detail and make adjustments where necessary:

  • You have all staff members fill out a PACS Individual behaviour in 15 minutes.
  • You observe where the needs of the team members are.
  • You teach staff members to recognize their own behavioural styles and those of their colleagues.

Tip: Individual coaching

InstantAssessment gives you all the information you need to coach individuals efficiently. You make valued staff members even better and develop their potential to the fullest. The added value of the organization for which you are carrying out a mission grows with their personal motivation.


What makes TalentTester unique?

We offer you a selection of behavioral tests at very competitive prices, you can use our platform for free, there’s no monthly cost. Via the portal you can run 2 free reports, team analysis and comparison with a role model.

How much does the use of the portal cost?

The use of the portal is for free.

Do I need an extra software?

No, that’s not necessary.

How many people of one firm can use the platform?

It’s not limited.

The person of a company that registers first is administrator and manages the portal, that person gives the approval to all the next employees who also will work with the portal. This is done through a unique code that is linked to a company. Persons leaving your company can easily be removed from the portal.  A person who’s invited to do a behavioral test, doesn’t need a registration.

Can you put a logo of your own on the test?

Yes, that is possible. When registering your company, you will be asked whether your logo should appear on the reports.

In which language are the tests available?

Currently we offer the tests in

  • Dutch
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • Lavian
  • Greek
  • Arabic


Any other language is possible, in consultation with TalentTester.

If I have purchased a number of test, is there an expiring date?

There is no end date.

When I have sent a test and the person has not completed the test, will the test be charged?

No, the credits for the test will not be deleted from your account until the test has been completed. When you have sent a test, but you want to remove it, the credits will be returned to your account.

How many types of tests are available?

There are 2 types of behavioral tests available : PACS 4 Client, this is to determine the desired behavior profile and PACS 4 Sollicitant, this is to determine the effective behavior profile.In addition to the 2 behavioral tests, we also offer IQ tests, logical reasoning, numerical reasoning and spatial insight.

How long do the tests take?

PACS 4 Client takes about 8-10 min,

PAS 4 Sollicitant takes about 15 min,

IQ testen is limited, 30 min per test.

How long does the workshop take? And what’s the cost?

You can choose from a 3 hour or 5 hour workshop.  The cost depends on the size of the group. Consult TalentTester for a customized price.   Please mail to

GDPR compliant?


How long does the free demo take?

More or less one hour.

Can the behavioral test be manipulated?

Yes, but you can see this in the report.

Why use the portal as a coach?

To determine the behaviorstyle of your clients. Through the test you can see what gives your client energy, which takes energy. Our test shows 3 graphs; how a person behaves professionally, how someone behaves under stress AND how someone sees himself in the workplace. When there is a strong discordance here, you know as a coach that the person has to stretch himself in the workplace, which is often a signal of burn / bore-out.The tool is Ideal to see if people, work-related, are in the right place.

Or you can  do  team analyzes or team compositions via our portal. Handy when you coach organizations.

What others say

Enkele jaren geleden had ik het genoegen kennis te maken met de methodes van TalentTester en kwam ik tot de vaststelling dat mijn profiel duidelijk overeenkwam met de realiteit (waarover ik bevestiging aan het zoeken was).
Nu, ouder en weer rijper, nam ik de gelegenheid te baat om de test opnieuw te ondergaan om te zien of de tijd een invloed heeft gehad op(...)

Ann Braekevelt
EMBC - Bridging Coach en Transitional Mentor

PACS geeft een duidelijk en herkenbaar profiel van jouw persoonlijkheid weer. Jouw eigenschappen worden goed verwoord, zowel onder stress als in het gewone leven waardoor dit rapport een grote troef is om mensen aan te werven of teams samen te stellen. PACS is dus meer dan de moeite waarde om als tool te gebruiken in HR, Sales en communicatie !!

Verlinden Marc

Een test die niet veel tijd in beslag neemt en een nauwkeurig resultaat oplevert. Bovendien wordt er een uitgebreid rapport afgeleverd.

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